Model Number: Multi-Mags
Manufacturer: Gun Storage Solutions

2 Pack of magnet strips; 4 individual magnets

  • Store semi-automatics and magazines under a shelf
  • Securely lean rifles against the side of a gun safe
  • Fold over and snap together to hold accessories along a metal surface

The Multi-Mags’ soft-grip rubber coating offers more variety and benefits than competing hard shell magnets.  Quickly staple it to wood or snap it to a metal surface.  The two tethered magnets can be kept as one unit for uses like storing a semi-automatic under a shelf, or cut in half to separate into two magnets, which are perfect for two magazines.

Benefits of soft-grip rubber coating:

  • Eliminates marring and scratching.
  • Provides extra traction for vertical mounting.
  • Rubber tabs allow for screw or staple gun mounting.
  • Easy cut to separate magnet strip into individual magnets.

Each magnet has a weight capacity of 5lbs, (10lbs per strip) when mounted under a shelf.  Weight is dependent on amount of surface contact area.  For more information on strength of the Multi-Mags clickhere.

Soft grip rubber coated magnets prevents marring and scratching.

Magnet Applications:

  • For use on metal surfaces:  Multi-Mags snap in place without any hardware.  Magnetic on both sides.
  • For use on wood surfaces:  Multi-Mags easily staple to wood surfaces in seconds!

Combinations for magnet mounting:

  • Use one magnetic strip (2 magnets) for semi-automatic mounting.
  • Use one magnet (cut strip in half) for magazine mounting.
  • One package of Multi-Mags will support one of these different combinations:
    • 4 magazines
    • 1 semi-automatic and 2 magazines
    • 2 semi-automatics.

Magnets will not affect performance of firearms, ammunition, or harm battery-equipped equipment (sights, flashlights, etc.)