Electronic Lock Safe Light – Cannon Safe Light


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Model Number: Electronic Lock Safe Light
Manufacturer: Cannon

Open it up, quick and discreet! Cannon Lock Light. Lights up your gun safe lock with a red LED light… giving you quick access, discreetly, without impairing your night vision. Can even be used as a flashlight! Handy as heck, with instant installation via magnetic attachment. Just push a button for a 2-minute cycle. Runs on 3V lithium battery (included). Order today! Cannon Lock Light (electric lock type)

Designed to make opening a safe in a dark place fast and simple. This compact light allows you to quickly and clearly see your safe’s controls while giving you discreet access-all without impairing night vision. Requires no hardware as it mounts using a strong magnetic back and also becomes a mini flashlight once safe is opened.